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Who are we and what is going on?

New York gym owner and 14 year Marine veteran Robby Dinero was hosting a protest at his gym for local area business owners. During the gathering a health inspector, escorted by 3 members of the Erie County Sheriffs office, tried to break up the meeting claiming that it was “illegal” and in violation of the new mandates from Gov. Cuomo. Those in the meeting stood up for their Constitutional rights and made the officials leave the property. Robby has since been fined $15,000 for the “violation.” Follow along as we continue to stand and fight for the God given and Constitutionally protected right to freedom in America.

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WARNING: Graphic language.

Fox News Interview

Broadcast 11-24-2020

Daily Wire Article

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Help us to raise funds in the fight for our freedom. Local business owner, Marine, and war veteran, Robby Dinero, started the resistance against the government and police arbitrarily shutting down businesses because of COVID. Video of this proud patriot kicking out health inspectors from his gym went viral. Power-hungry politicians punched back, fining this veteran and small business owner $15,000 for defiantly standing up to tyrannical COVID shutdowns that are more about power and control than your health. While Robby refuses to pay the fine, we are raising resources to help Robby fight back. We can help Robby and other businesses in their fight for their rights and freedom as Americans. An attack on one is an attack on all. Let’s stand together and do what we can for the many other businesses that are struggling today. Please contact us if you are aware of other businesses that have been impacted and would like to stand with us. Your stories must be shared.

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